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  • Julie Shinabery,

Camera Height in Real Estate Photography

Here's a picture of me on top of my mobile office (my new-to-me Honda Pilot - love). I get on top of my car to take pictures of the front elevation for most of my projects. I find that the height of the camera makes for a much better picture.

I've included two pictures of the home that I was shooting when the picture of me was taken. See the before picture taken from the ground with no adjustments made to the angles of the home in post processing. Compare that to the "after" picture that was taken from the top of my vehicle. It makes for a much more impactful image.

I find standing on my car so helpful in creating better images that the height of my new car was important in my car purchasing decision. That, and it had to have a lot of storage space for all of my gear!

This home was newly listed at 8206 Caesar's Head Drive in Waxhaw, NC by Gina Lorenzo, Your Property People, Inc.

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